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Photovoltaic is the best solution that will provide free energy for your farm in an ecological way.

Photovoltaics for agriculture

Photovoltaic farms, solar panels and photovoltaic installations for agriculture

Proper insolation plays an important role in the life of every farmer dealing with pig and poultry breeding or agri-food processing. Even more so now, in times of progressive automation of agricultural processes, which are associated with increasing electricity consumption. Higher electricity bills, whose prices are prone to fluctuations, can be remedied by setting up your own photovoltaic farm.

Nature is our common good and there is no need to convince anyone that the current state of the environment leaves much to be desired. On the other hand, we are indirectly to blame ourselves, because for many years we have contributed to polluting the planet. Now is the moment to redeem yourself and ensure a better future for the next generations. Photovoltaics for a farmer is an ideal solution for all farm owners who breed animals and cultivate a field with vegetables.

This solution is gaining popularity every year in the world, but also in Poland. All thanks to the fact that photovoltaics for farmers is an opportunity not only to save money, but also to take care of the surrounding natural environment, whose goods they use on a daily basis. Depending on the needs of the farm, installations using solar radiation can have a power of several dozen kilowatts up to several megawatts, thanks to which they will supply equipment of any size and quantity necessary for operation. Photovoltaics for farms, however, require the right type and location of the plot, as well as the necessary documentation allowing for its construction. With us, you will design and perform any installation both in the Lubuskie Voivodeship and throughout Poland! More information on renewable energy sources for your farm can be found in our office in Bytom Odrzańskie or by contacting our specialists – details can be found in the Contact tab.

Photovoltaic farm – grow energy from the sun on your farm

Photovoltaics for farmers from JMSolar is a solution thanks to which you will produce the energy necessary to power most of the electrical devices and utility rooms used. We offer a wide range of photovoltaic sets dedicated to agriculture, including PV modules, inverters, energy meters, mounting systems and connection accessories. We offer solutions tailored to the individual energy needs of the farm and financial possibilities to all interested parties. We not only design efficient photovoltaic farms in Poland, but also deal with their installation and first start-up. We provide services of systematic maintenance and servicing of installation elements.

Why is it worth betting on photovoltaics, i.e. a few words about ecology and savings

Pro-ecological activities are actually a necessity nowadays. After all, each of us wants to live as long as possible and fully enjoy the charms of this world. Better conditions for the growth of animals and plants also mean healthier food
and greater profits for the farmer. By choosing modern solar panels, you will also save a lot of money every month – high electricity bills will disappear, because the sun’s rays do not cost anything!

Take this groundbreaking step for the planet and supply your farm with solar systems.

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