Renewable energy sources
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Photovoltaic is the best solution that will provide free energy for your farm in an ecological way.

Heat pumps

The heat pump uses thermal energy from the outside air to heat the rooms

The ever-deepening climate crisis is not Greta Thunberg’s invention. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality and it depends only on us how the situation will develop in the coming years. You too can contribute to environmental protection and invest in renewable energy sources. Not only the planet will benefit from this, but also you, and specifically your monthly budget. By choosing heat pumps, heating costs will be much lower than in the case of traditional solutions, and in the summer months they can even drop to zero.

What are heat pumps and what types can be distinguished?

It is an ecological device that draws energy from the outside air to heat the rooms in your home. It works even in winter at minus temperatures and without additional heaters. There are three types of pumps, i.e. those for heating and cooling rooms in the building and for heating utility water and swimming pool water.

Ecological heating solutions instead of heating boilers

You don’t need gas to install a heat pump in your home. You also do not have to allocate a special room in the building for a boiler room or propane-butane. You won’t need a chimney either. Forget about coal and black smoke that irretrievably penetrates into the atmosphere and pollutes the air in your area. The entire traditional combustion process disappears with our devices.

Maximum efficiency and intelligent control, i.e. effective heating for our times

Regardless of the season, our heat pump is absolutely enough to effectively heat your rooms and water in the kitchen or bathroom. Its operation is very quiet and efficient, and in addition, you manage it yourself on your phone, tablet or computer. At any time, you can check the functioning of the device and thus monitor the costs for heating. Isn’t it convenient?

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So what, we act together for the climate and fight for a better future for our children and grandchildren?

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