Renewable energy sources installation of photovoltaic installations

We offer a comprehensive photovoltaic installation service for individual and business customers.

Photovoltaics for the home

A photovoltaic installation for a single-family house means energy independence.

Do you want to keep up with the times and contribute to the protection of the endangered planet? The slogans of climate activists are very close to you and would you like to set an example for your neighbors to change their thinking? Then our photovoltaics for the home should be of interest to you. Thanks to a one-off investment for years, you will gain independence from external electricity suppliers from the very beginning. The issue of unexpected increases in electricity prices will also cease to interest you, and electricity bills will decrease by about 90%. Isn’t that a beautiful vision?

Home photovoltaic installations – comprehensive installation services for the benefit of the planet

In addition to financial issues, do not forget about the crux of the whole project, i.e. the protection of the natural resources of our environment, which, to put it mildly, is in trouble. For our part, we offer the installation of solar panels both on the roofs of residential buildings and on the plot. The scope of our services includes assembly, first start-up, as well as technical inspections and services.

Entrust the issue of energy independence to specialists and let’s do something together that matters to our common world.

Rising electricity prices are increasingly worrying homeowners. Thanks to the solution of home photovoltaic installations, you can create a fully independent power plant that uses natural solar energy, saving not only your wallet, but also the environment.

We offer technologically advanced installations that use the natural phenomenon of photovoltaics. A single-family building, a semi-detached house or a semi-detached house – solar installations mounted on them allow for independent energy production and full energy independence. As part of our activities, customers can count on comprehensive service from the creation of a project, selection of appropriate devices and installation on any surface. Depending on the type of building and its location, we perform installations both on the roofs of buildings and on the ground of the plot. In addition to assembly and first start-up, we also perform technical inspections and service of installations we create for single-family houses.

The proposed sets contain a set of necessary elements such as: inverter (inverter, converter), modules, cabling, mounting systems and DC and AC protection. Each installation is matched to the individual needs of the building and its assembly possibilities.

Photovoltaics for a single-family or multi-family house

Installations based on renewable energy sources provide almost unlimited possibilities for self-generation of electricity.

Photovoltaics for a single-family house offer a number of benefits, including:

– independence and savings – you no longer have to worry about the increase in electricity prices or failures in supplies from the network,
– the ability to reduce electricity bills by up to 90% per year,
– the ability to store energy,
– fully maintenance-free system,
– return on investment within the first few years of installation,
– the possibility of obtaining funding.

Check the JMSolar offer and let us create an efficient solar power plant for your home. We provide our services especially in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, as well as throughout Poland – call, write or visit our office in Bytom Odrzańskie to learn more about the possibilities offered by photovoltaic installations, which are an ideal solution not only for you, but also for the natural environment .

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