We offer a comprehensive
photovoltaic installation service
and heat pumps

Photovoltaic installations are an ideal solution for people who want to gain energy independence.

Installation of photovoltaic installations
and heat pumps

We are a young and dynamically developing company that brings together specialists in the installation of photovoltaic installations and heat pumps.

  • Economy

    By installing our panels, you can immediately reduce / minimize electricity bills, or do not pay for it at all.
    Economics is the main argument for setting them up. You become independent of rising electricity prices and stop paying for the electricity you use.

  • Take care of the environment

    Photovoltaic systems are completely environmentally friendly – they produce clean energy without negative consequences for future generations.

  • Comfort

    Modern photovoltaic systems do not require any additional actions by the user. All the work is to monitor system performance temporarily and that’s it! You can do other things while the sun pays your electricity bills!

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Renewable energy sources is the slogan that spurred us to action. Do not pay more for electricity – download everything from the sun’s rays!

Michał Czujwid

What makes us stand out?

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  • Experience and professionalism
  • Long warranty (5 years for assembly work and 25 years for efficiency of photovoltaic modules)
  • Comprehensive solutions optimally matched to the client’s needs
  • Only proven, high-quality components from reputable suppliers
  • The speed of order execution
  • Own production of assembly systems
  • Financial solutions dedicated to your needs
  • You will get everything in one place
  • Easy contact – come to the office

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